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Set: Book with resin cover, monstera leaf coaster and resin crystal

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This book has a handmade resin book cover. The size of the resin book is 22,5 x 15,5cm and contains about 100 white sheets DIN A5. This book cover is designed in blush pink, white and transparent parts with real petals.

Whether as a notebook, diary, calendar or even as a guestbook at an event or wedding, this unique piece is something very special. The pages are exchangeable, because the golden rings can be opened.

When ordering you will receive a book with resin book cover, a large monstera leaf coaster (24 x 16cm) which you can use as a coaster and the resin crystal. Other pictured items are for decoration only and are not for sale.

I would also be happy to make a resin book cover in your desired color, just send me a message.

Please note that the colors may vary due to different screen settings.

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